You’ll be on your good to get out!

Are we going to vote again in the state each AG? Are we going to continue to change commas? It’s good to get back into something that will be representative today. Perhaps not get back into writing a big thing. Is it true that wearing something political? – We have to do a hard-hitting and short text. We want to make a strategic position paper. Is that today we continue to position themselves politically against capitalism? Are we still in the class struggle? You must use the real words that our position is not “signable” by everyone. – Methodology: it would be nice to leave as in the PEP document: basic guidelines and educational principles. – recontextualise PEP, written in 1978. Before the AC consisted of half elected and the other half the delegates of sites. The sites that existed then worked on the PEP. At the time the CA ICEM was committed to follow these strategies and claims. We need teachers to work teaching team and … it had served as an argument to discuss with the Ministry. Each school had discussed guidelines, after there was the demonstration of the private and Mitterand has Savary out. Fight against the inspection, the teaching staff and PEP. The teaching staff were very present in CA. It challenged the idea of ??MA class, we wanted to groups of children who had a group of adults referents and teachers. But it seems difficult to revise a book so important. Keep the language of class struggle. The goal is not to rewrite a book but to provide guidance before writing claims or proposals. Society has changed but it is organized differently than when they spoke of the class struggle. This is a site that opens. Is it engages in a construction site? major obstacle in the way: our ability to make an analysis of the current educational system. Easier to re-examine the question of the administrative organization of the school. The idea of ??the 34 initially, it was to ask how they saw the school. It was not strategic directions. Is today the conference participants feel icem, peda Freinet, is that politically there are agreements … Do we accept people from all sides? compromise? compromises? There are invariants of peda Freinet that marked me b transformation of knowledge, kindness … it’s enough plot main … idea to ask simple questions to define GD Finding directions on teaching staff: in icem, there are friends who are trying to implement EE and there’s no way out. There colleagues isolated and creaky. We need a political center. Young people want to work in teams and they can not. Our words were fagocites. This theme of EE will be included in the draft from the right. One can from the fundamentals practices not own in its class, transformation of knowledge, multi-age classroom … Teaching determine fundamental political choices, we do not need to make statements. It revolves around the question: why can not start PEP. It’s very well done, we should not abandon it and start something else. People do not come to the GD to talk politics. There are people in GD not to icem. This reflection is exciting, it helps to hear it with new words, spoken by others. Is PEP will be updated when more it will speak to people? I agree with the fact that our practices are transforming our world. In the workshops, internships …. when you start a workshop by saying horizon towards which we are heading. why I put it up in my class. Do we say we want to emancipate? we want the children to exercise their freedom? allowing children to say “I do not agree”, they put it in the toolbox. All our ideas are taken with our words but with different content. Who are we? a move that allows peR practices to live better in society today. I feel regress every day when I think like that. free text You can practice the counsel of the years, so there is nothing to sensitize all that, it will just adapt to today’s world. we want to know what will be said. one has to go down to the GD. Who are we? What do we do? How do we do without training (distress …)? Why? go through a sociological, historical work this methodology which has to achieve the goal, from an A4 sheet of powerful words that define us, send to GD for brainstorming to do collectively. After it will be easier to add definitions. Democracy is also an expression of disagreement. We express disagreement with the government, we must assume that disagreement. have the audacity to assume outside of class politics. I want to have a courageous expression with simple words: against the very rich to the very poor. it is easy, you agree, right? I will not leave empty-handed. It may be of proposals, we make great stuff, you can not stay on the emancipatory class alone. There is the report the relationship to the inspector of the Ministry, the report to parents, the question of the teaching team … we should knitting things together, we can build tracks, I do not believe in CA instigator. Trying to find some very strong points from the conference. still wonder what will serve this writing. You can not really write the peda ICEM project anyway because after we leave the national education. Brainstorming technique: find 10 words then reduced to 5 words then after you make a sentence with that. – Give yourself go to the Internship federation, at the meeting of departmental delegates – The report will be on the website icem coop: the online Boulegon. – The documents are on coop icem: – 12 proposals – PEP – the Charter of the Modern School – Breakthrough educational tools team, homework service
not online at the time for discussion is over, Jean Charles offers people who are here to open a discussion list via Internet for one hand to continue this debate has just opened and secondly to then launch a work in Icem. Attachment Size construire_les_propositions_de_licem.doc 44.5 KB Print Add comment
In: The Educator For teachers journal Training and research> Training> starting in February 1966 – Yes, Freinet pedagogy, we would like to practice today say a majority of educators who feel, if only intuitively all that traditional pedagogy has anachronistic and inefficient … but There are but. And they are unfortunately real. But we have too many students and not enough space. We need to follow the program and prepare for exams. If we let children free is clutter, mess and noise. More books! But then I am lost, and parents are not happy. More ratings! And how to operate a ranking despite being told the claims at all levels of the hierarchy? – I tried the free text, said a young, but I was immediately out of breath. I need to know where I’m going and how to progress my students – Freinet Techniques give too much work. I am confused,,. If it was another business as an educator, if we do not risk irreparable false maneuvers, if we theorists moving away from hard facts, we would say to you: Go ahead! Take the plunge ! You’ll be on your good to get out! But we are teachers; we have the responsibility of training our students, we need to consider what they are according to the environment and practices they may have been victims, without neglecting colleagues, parents of students, inspectors, programs and exams. We have always taken account of ourselves and all experienced comrades that you will meet will tell you by what slow climb they reached a pedagogy which they are often only partially satisfied. We never thought that an educational revolution as we advocate can be one day, as under the influence of a magic wand. The new we prepare will be born and to establish even what exists; it will take over and yet change approach and purpose.

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