The Shark Sonic Duo Mystery

Shark navigator lift off NV350 is a upright vacuum cleaner that’s simple to use (thanks to the very low weight variable mainly), mobile and includes an impressive guarantee period of a decade! . It’s a broader cleaning nozzle, a readily detachable canister along with a swivel head to get smoother motions. This flexible vacuum may be used on plenty of surfaces like rugs, hardwood and several other flooring types (more on afterwards ).

Below are its principal hardware details.



*. Long cable cable lengths – 25ft (another 30ft variant can be obtained ).


*. Weight approximately 5.8 kg, also if contemplating other heavier products like this dyson dc28 creature for example that is super light (that the ABS plastic needs to have helped however ).

*. Has couple of distinct speed settings.

*. Dust cup ability of 1.3 liters.

Before doing whatever you’ll need to do a little assembly but it’s rather simple. The dirt cup is a "watch through" form layout, which means it’s possible to observe the amounts that are filled, etc (occasionally it can be somewhat difficult "thanks" into the dust). Be certain that you correct the vacuum suction rate in line with the surfaces (when coming out of carpeting to rugs, tiles, etc).

Like their past NV22, the shark carpet cleaner nv350 additionally performs exceptionally well on hardwood flooring. Though it has remarkable suctions nevertheless the sound levels are amazingly low. The reduce weight helps on events that needs it to take around or blank stairs for example.

Therefore, in the event that you would like a very user friendly, silent, multi goal floor cleaning utility which may be used on plenty of surfaces and is much less costly than most other goods, then the shark navigator lift off nv350 is a great item! .

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