Qr Code Maker

Custom QR Codes

QR code stands for quick response code. A QR code is a glorified bar code that companies can use to store information about their company, website or a product. The most common usage of QR codes is to store information about a company such as their corporate address, phone and fax numbers. QR codes can also point you to the company’s website where you can get more information about the company and its products.

QR codes were initially used in Japan and other areas of Asia. The use of QR codes started in the automotive industry. Over the past five years they have made a quick inroad into Europe. QR codes are relatively new in the US and have only been used for the past year or two. Despite being relatively new, savvy companies are realizing that creating a custom QR code for their company is a very cheap but is also very cost effective in reaching their target advertising market. QR codes are now used by companies in all industries.

Reading QR Codes

QR codes are very effective in advertising because they are able to store up to 4,000+ characters in its small form size. QR codes can easily be added to any print advertisement. QR codes have to be read using a QR scanner because the information contained in the QR code is encoded. QR scanners are usually included on most smart phones today or you can download a free QR scanner from Apple app store or the Android marketplace.

If someone comes across your QR code in a print advertisement, they can easily scan it using their smart phone and store the information. The QR scanner uses the camera feature found on smart phones to scan in the information into the smart phone. It is possible to create redirects in the meta data contained in the QR code. If someone scans your QR code that contains your company’s website information, the user will be redirected to the website once they scan the QR code. If you do not do a redirect then the information can be easily accessed at a later date.

Creating Custom QR Codes

With the recent adoption of QR codes in the US, many companies are rapidly moving to having their own custom QR codes created. Ammobia is an industry leader in Android QR code maker as well as iPhone QR code maker.

Most QR code maker is printed using black figures on a white background. We can even create custom QR codes that include your company’s logo. If you want we can customize the QR code maker to use your company’s colors instead of the plain black and white pattern.

Regardless of how you want the information presented in your iPhone QR code maker or Android QR code maker, Ammobia can work with your company to create a custom code. These codes can be used across a wide range of advertising mediums. They can also easily be added to existing advertising campaigns to provide vital information despite the small size of a custom QR code. QR codes are becoming a growing trend in advertising due to their low cost of production and their wide reach to audiences that cross age and socioeconomic factors.

If you want to improve your marketing and advertising efforts, contact Ammobia today to learn how we can work with your company to create a custom QR code maker. Our team of programming experts can easily and quickly create a QR code that will have immediate benefits for your advertising needs.