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The mobile smart phone is here to stay. When Apple introduced the iPhone almost 5 years ago they revolutionized the mobile smart phone industry. All of the sudden consumers could customize their mobile phone with 3rd party applications that provided additional functionality to their mobile phones. Now that smart phones are so pervasive throughout the industry, everyone has developed their own mobile app ideas.

Application ideas

You may have the best iPhone app ideas or the best Android app ideas. Once your idea has been converted into a mobile application it has the potential to make hundreds if not thousands of dollars. The question you might be asking yourself is how to you go about converting your mobile app ideas in to a custom mobile application. Ammobia can help you achieve this conversion.

Ammobia is an industry leader in creating custom mobile applications. We can build applications for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm and Windows mobile phones. Our team of application developers is well versed in creating for all the leading mobile platforms and we use this expertise to create custom mobile applications for your company.

iPhone application ideas

Do you have an exciting idea for an application for the iPhone? Do you not have the necessary technical skills to bring your idea into fruition? Ammobia can help to convert your iPhone app ideas into real applications for the iPhone. Our team of programmers is well trained on creating applications for the iPhone market place. We can work directly with you to gather your requirements for your application ideas and then create a framework for this application. We can build applications for any industry.

iPad app ideas

With the recent introduction of the iPad by Apple computer, many people are moving away from laptop computers to tablet computers. The size of the iPad allows you to easily carry it with you on a daily basis whether you are traveling for work or pleasure. The ability to have instant access to the Internet allows you accomplish the same amount of work on the iPad that you would have been able to complete on a laptop computer. The advantage is that you do not have to carry around such a heavy device like a laptop computer.

The iPad allows you to achieve greater functionality in your application ideas because you are able to work with a much larger screen size on the iPad than you have on a mobile smart phone. Ammobia can work with you to build a custom application using the specs generated by your iPad app ideas. We can easily build a custom application for yourself or for your company.

Android app ideas

The Android was introduced by Google several years ago to compete with the iPhone. Since its introduction the market share for Android devices and applications have grown dramatically. As a result many consumers are now using mobile devices that are based on the Android operating system. Your Android app ideas can be converted into custom applications that work on any mobile smart phone that uses the Android operating system.

There is a huge demand today for Android applications. Ammobia can work with you to build a custom application using your Android app ideas. Not only will we build the application for you but we will get your new application approved to be included in the Android market place. The Android market place makes your application available to every user that has an Android smart phone.


Everyone has their own mobile app ideas. However, it takes technical skills and an eye for design to make these ideas a reality. Additionally, each different platform and device has specific specs and needs customized app design for your app to work seamlessly for a great user experience. Ammobia can work with you to convert your idea into reality.

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