App Builder

Ammobia has distinguished itself as an app builder for companies of any size in any industry. Your company may have a great idea for an application for the mobile app platform but you do not have the internal expertise to build your own apps. This is where Ammobia can help your company. Our easy to use online mobile app builder can allow your company to access the mobile phone market by allowing you to build your own app.


The iPhone is the industry leader for the smart phone mobile industry. When Apple introduced the iPhone almost 10 years ago, they revolutionized the mobile phone market. Apple was very savvy in providing the ability for 3rd party application developers to create their own custom applications that would run on the iPhone. The ease of use of the iPhone couple with the extensibility provided by adding applications allow consumers to achieve a wide range of business and personal goals.

Ammobia has been an industry leader in developing custom applications for the iPhone market place. We have worked with a wide range of businesses to create custom applications. Ammobia has created applications in the travel, business, marketing, financial and social media markets. If you are looking for a company that can help your company to create your own application for the mobile app platform then you have come to the right place.


When Google introduced their Android operating system that is used by a wide range of mobile phone manufacturers, we had the very first real challenge to the dominance of the iPhone in the mobile app platform market. Google has taken the features that made the iPhone so successful — an open platform to add 3rd party applications and a consistent application framework – and incorporated them into the Android operating system.

Ammobia has created an Android app builder that allows small business owners or employees who are application developers to easily build your own app. Our Android app builder is extremely easy to use. In a matter of minutes you can build your own apps for the Android market place.

Do it yourself

Ammobia works primarily with small and medium sized businesses. Our online mobile app builder system allows your company to create interactive applications without knowing how to program. By using our online mobile app builder you can quickly and easily create your own custom application for the iPhone or for Android using drag and drop technology. When you create an app you can easily include specific widgets from our vast library to add more features and functionality to your application.

There are many advantages if you decide to build your own apps. Business can create their own custom mobile application. Then they can come back and change and revise the application as your business needs change. This can all be done online. No programming knowledge is needed with Ammobia’s simple point and click app builder. Here are some features of our mobile app builder program:


  • Support for iPhone as well as Android mobile app platform
  • Access to our vast library of widgets that provide instant functionality for your application
  • Free to create an online account
  • Simple 1-2-3 steps to build your own app
  • Create your own application in just a matter of minutes

Why Ammobia

Ammobia has taken our years of expertise in creating custom mobile applications for businesses and used that knowledge to create our own app builder program. We have two versions of our app builder program. One is an iPhone app builder and the other is an Android app builder. You can easily create your own custom applications in a matter of a few minutes.

Our app builder program is extremely easy to use. You do not need to have any programming knowledge in order to create an app using our mobile app builder. If you can use a mouse to click and drag an object then you can use our online mobile app builder. You can build your application by taking advantage of our custom widgets to add advanced functionality to your application.

Ammobia has an award winning customer support department. The members of our customer support department are available to assist you at any point during the development process.

If you want to build your own app for the iPhone or Android then you need to use our app builder.

Our App Builder is still in Alpha Testing mode and still not available to the public. Please check back with updates