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First off, I want to say that iOS 7 is a huge leap forward! Apple is stating that iOS 7 is the biggest advancement that Apple has made, or the biggest change to the operating system since the introduction of the iPhone, yes, the very first iPhone. It’s supported by new features, a vastly different user interface (UI), and a whole new design.


Overall Design and UI

To begin with, the whole design is a completely new animation! It’s much flatter and more visually simplistic. The letters, the typography has been all redesigned for a totally different style. There are new animations and transparency for images. Similarly, there are a lot of transparent elements throughout the operating system. The lettering is thinner, lighter, and sleeker. The entire operating apparently feels lighter and it’s completely flat. An example of that would be in the text messaging app. Previously, there were the 3D bubbles; now with iOS7 they are flattened out. It was a redesigned to a more modern taste, incorporating straight, clean lines and even the reverse ombre of the messages from top to bottom. Apple has followed trends in other industries in terms of design and look and implemented it into iOS7. Apple is saying that you’ll be getting a completely new experience out of iOS 7. Perhaps, with such a vastly different design this is true. The personality of iOS7 is very diffferent from its predecessors, which can be incredibly exciting while also unsettling to iphone users.


Specific Features 

In terms of specific features, Apple went through and updated all their proprietary apps such as messages, Gaming Center, and the Calendar app. The Calendar app is much cleaner and has a small screen view of the month while you can still view your current day. It’s almost entirely white, so that is one obvious change that they made. The messages apps carry a much flatter design, and this carries on through the Game Center, which has a transparent feel as well. They also updated the Notification Center, so it’s much more simplified and it adds more immediate information. You can also now access it directly from the lock screen. Additionally, the lock screen has also been redesigned, as the swipe gesture is now incorporated. The photos app is also getting redesigned, so it’s more transparent, and that goes along with the entire user interface (UI) as well. It features more tiny thumbnails that you can preview by sliding your finger as well, and now it’s integrated with AirDrop and iCloud so you can do all sorts of photo streaming and sharing your photos, especially via iCloud. You can also share video via iCloud as well. These specific features have made basic functions more convenient.


Control Center

Apple is also highlighting the Control Center, which can be likened to the Quick Settings toggle that Android has always had. It lets you access settings by swiping up from the bottom, and you can do things like change your brightness, access airplane mode, and listen to music directly from there. You can even turn on a flashlight mode as well. There are various different small little setting features that you can do directly from that easy access Control Center. It’s basically a quick settings menu that you can access really fast. Safari has also been redesigned, so now there’s a cleaner, full screen browsing experience. The tabs are also getting redesigned so it’s more of a top-down view now. There are also a variety of minor changes being made to Safari in the tab department as well.



Siri is being redesigned, so it now has a much newer, cleaner interface, and there are two new voices. You can get a male and female in French, German, and of course, English. So there’s different options that you have there in terms of customization. Apple also stated that Siri is now more intelligent, so you can now turn on Bluetooth, switch your brightness, and it’s also integrated with many other apps such as Twitter, Wikipedia, and search engines such as Bing. One other thing Siri is being updated for is the iOS’s new car features as well.


Those are most of the obvious updates and changes that most users will identify. However, the App Store is being updated. It’s essentially been entirely redesigned. It now features automatic upgrades as well, and Apple also unveiled iTunes Radio, which is a new streaming service that lets you create stations based on your library and whatever music you like to listen to, your listening habits.


Whether you love it or you hate it, iOS7 is the newer, cleaner, sleeker, and yes, flatter version of previous iOSs. It essentially feels like an entirely different phone because the operating system is vastly different in terms of user interface, design, and all the bells and whistles we love and get used to. We are creatures of habit, of routine, and we often like what we already know and understand. Change in anything isn’t easy and every time a new iOS comes out naturally consumers and the tech world will gasp and perhaps groan when they can no longer figure out how to close their apps… That is until they see they can close 3 at a time with just a swipe of their fingers. Technology is all about change: reimagination, improvement, innovation, and making the world more efficient, easier, and a little bit more interesting. That’s the spirit of it. Change is hard, especially when we become attached to the personality of our phone, but as always, Apple delights us with increased efficiency and when iOS8 comes out we will all proclaim that we loved iOS7 just the way it was… because iOS8 is just too… new.



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