How To Submit Your App to the Apple App Store


This is Part 1. What you’ll need before this video, you’ll need to buy the $99 Developer Program from for iPhone. Also you need a Mac running minimum 10.6.


Once you’ve done that and you’ve got the requirements, you want to head to Safari. You want to write “,” click enter, and you want to log in to your account on the iOS Dev Center and type in your details. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be taken to the iOS Dev Center once you’re logged in. On the right hand side, you’ll see iOS Provision Portal. You want to click the bar underneath iOS Developer Program.


Once you are in the Provision Portal, you want to click Certificates and then Distribution. Before we request one and make a certificate, we need to download a WWR certificate to allow us to submit for it to work. So we’re going to place this into Keychain Access, and we’ll see the Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority in the Keychain. Once you’re done that, you’re going to go to “Request Certificate,” and it’s going to give you details of how to get the certificate for distribution.


What you want to do is go to Keychain Access and Certificate Assistant, then Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority, click that. Put your email address in which you used top purchase the Developer Program, your Apple ID, and also your common name is your name. You want to save it to disk and leave the CA Email Address blank. And put it on your desktop.


Once you’ve done that, you want to click Done and go back to Safari and Choose File, and on Desktop, you want to click Certificate Signing Request, and then click Choose, and you want to Submit. It will say Pending Issuance, and you just want to wait and then refresh, and it should pop up now. Click Download, and you want to click Distribution Identity, and then if we go ahead to My Certificates, we’ll see it’s been installed as well as Say iPhone Distribution, your name, and then Private Key.

Hope this is helpful!


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