How to learn better

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According to the statistics of several dozen students, there are one or two standouts. Often many children and their parents are wondering how to learn better in school. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the guidelines published in this article.

No one can force you to do, remember and understand the topic if the student himself does not want to. Therefore, we also address the question of how to awaken the interest of students for Sciences.

Why you need a good performance

Usually in elementary school children are not yet aware of the importance of knowledge of science. This understanding comes closer to graduation, beginning with grades 8-9. The fact is that every student will pass the final exam that will play a crucial role in future learning, sometimes in career. Therefore, parents it is advisable to gently and politely explain why you need a good performance.

What if much missed and I want to catch

Very often before the final exams the students begin to think about the fact that we have to overcome hard trials. They understand how lucky for those who is studying to be a straight a student.

But the catch of honors in just a few months is impossible. The time lost. In fact, you can ask for help from a teacher you trust, a classmate or a tutor.

How better to learn

How best to learn in school the one who is lagging behind? For this there are simple tips:

  • listen to the words of the teacher;
  • read more on self science/subject;
  • start from the beginning or from where the performance has declined.
  • In this case, happens to catch up with the program that is being investigated now.

How to understand the teacher

Teachers are different: those who know how well to explain to those who almost says nothing. You need to be prepared for that. If you are unable to understand the teacher from the first day, it is advisable to study the subject independently, and to consult with those who are well versed in science. Overall, the student needs to learn to understand myself. Universities training for the most part independently, without the help of teachers. So better to think about how to teach students to learn. Or rather “to teach myself”.

How to prepare for lessons at home

You should learn to value time. Come home, better get some rest: lie down, hang out with family or, ideally, take a walk in the fresh air.

Will be sufficient for approximately 1 hour. And then comes the difficult moment – how to prepare a lesson. Not recommended immediately after school to begin homework, if there is no desire and effort. Furthermore, we should not waste time on computer games, the Internet, as all this can entice long.

When you feel relaxed, start to learn. You can, for example, sitting on the couch to read the paragraph on history, or a novel for literature. And various calculations, all written work is best done at the table.

It is recommended to start with simple and fast, for example, exercises on the Russian language. A mathematical equation can be solved later, when the bulk of the lessons will be done.

What you need to memorize, it is better to divide into stages:

  • read before the homework;
  • to grasp the meaning of the text;
  • mentally present information;
  • read again.

2-3 hours to myself to repeat and to consult the textbook. If you do not remember anything, repeat anything written in the list above.

Why with all the effort nothing happens

But there is also a downside: by heart remember (the formula in physics or the definition of social studies), but anything is unclear. In this case, you can enlist the help of the Internet. You can even find video tutorials on a particular topic.

How to learn better in school if learning is not at all desire is given? Should you ask for help, e.g. classmates, they explained what was going how to draw graphs and solve problems in physics or chemistry. Do not be afraid to approach the teacher before class or after, to ask something with regards to the studied topic.

How to show interest in uninteresting subjects

Often the kids heart is not in some subjects. But to learn you need to total the final grades were perfect. To uninteresting the subject can be treated differently. Let’s say you don’t like the story because of the many dates and events to memorize.

There are students who like to learn in school because they want to learn a topic empirically. Same story, for example, studied the reign of the Empress Catherine II. You can visit the Museum or see a picture related to the reign of this great woman.

For the unloved mathematics should find lighter and equations practice, solve in several ways. And then proceed to complex. Plotting is also fun.

That’s a good give successful learning

Above, we discussed how to learn better in school. Now to answer the question, why have academic success, whether useful in life? This question is better to answer from a moral point of view: when the student is confident in his abilities, then he is not worried over each control or selfwork, not afraid of speeches. He’s happy, he likes everything and it all comes easily. To the school it all ten years is not as servitude, but as his second home. This moral attitude will help to realize in the career.

An independent investigation of the material

Man is born to better know the world independently. If you do not start from childhood, into adulthood will be very difficult. So let’s talk how to teach students to learn, i.e. to teach themselves.

This topic will be especially relevant to those who through illness misses school. To catch up with classmates, the student ill need to know what took place in the school. Next you should open the tutorial and read the topics. If the previous lessons have been mastered, you should be good to go and new material. Do not look for excuses like: “I was sick, I know nothing.” Try to understand

Hiring a tutor

How to raise school performance more convenient and cost-effective time ways?

If the study is not given, it is better to hire the services of a tutor. It will help in the shortest possible time to deal with any material. But the responsibility still lies with the student: the material you need to remember and be sure to understand the essence of the study. Only in this case the tutor will guarantee that a student will become a b or a student.

Come to the aid of the Internet

How kids learn in school nowadays? In the past decades and even centuries, it was difficult to get the necessary material. At the moment, any book, and even the abstract can be found on the Internet.

In conclusion, it should be recalled that performance completely depends on the student.

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