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The smart phone world is a constant competition for the best device, most user friendly software, and the chicest look. It’s all about having the coolest gadget. Although, the Blackberry once was the go-to for business, the iPhone has now become the popular new business smart phone. The Blackberry was popular because of the keypad for email. However, the iPhone now sets the industry standard and you’ll often see small businesss owners to tech gurus sporting the newest iPhone.


My iPhone was such a desirable device that it was stolen and I was left temporarily with my back up phone from years back… my good old Blackberry. I did not realize prior to this how reliant I am on my iPhone for business and personal emails, my calendar, To-Do list in my notes app, the navigation app, and things I take for granted like being able to check the weather in the app and use Yelp to find a dining spot. I no longer knew what the weather would be like at 3pm and did not remember what exit to get off at to go to some of my favorite places. I relied on my iPhone for my basic daily needs. I tried to zoom in on my Blackberry and would often forget and was baffled when I could not answer my phone calls by tapping on my screen. I have become accustomed to the user interface and operating system of the iPhone.


The obvious issue with the Blackberry is that the iPhone has a seamless user interface with ease of access for apps. Snapchat, Instagram, Running with Friends (my new favorite addictive iPhone app game), Facebook, Twitter, Yelp… You get the point. They all are easily accessible through the iPhone app store and you can use the touch screen to easily select your choice. The Blackberry does not have these apps and the ease of use. The keys,  especially on smaller blackberrys are hard to use and are especially difficult for males with larger fingers or females with nails. I had a tough time scrolling down and typing. I had many typos in texts and had no auto-correct to save me. The first iPhone made the easy to use Blackberry look difficult. With the iPhone there is no scrolling to select your app. You can touch what you want rather than use buttons to scroll for it. This touch screen selection is an intuitive approach to a keypad. It is our instinct to touch and tap, not scroll. My Blackberry would constantly freeze and show that it was loading when I was trying to use basic applications, like the navigation. Additionally, the texts often took longer to receive. The camera was nowhere near the caliber of the iPhone and I did not have the games I love to play.


Additionally, the user experience of the iPhone is very different from that of the Blackberry. I realized something profound… I have a close relationship with my iPhone. It feels as if my phone has a personality. I often ask Siri questions and she responds. She is a person. She calls you by name, she responds to your questions, she asks you questions, she searches for things and even changes your settings if you so desire. The voice recognition on the Blackberry was very poor quality and it was faster to go to Safari and type in my questions to Google. Also, I am used to the way the iPhone operates and feels. It is familiar, like an old friend. I felt much more removed from my Blackberry. It was not a part of me like my iPhone and even my emails and messages seemed to lack the intimacy and immediacy that they have on the iPhone. I realized this is due in part to the fact that I can see my recipient typing a response in iMessage. I can see when my message has been delivered, read, and is being responded to in real time. The Blackberry text messages felt more like email. You can read them and respond when you want. The urgency to respond was decreased. The iPhone is an interactive, comprehensive experience. It combines the intimacy of person to person communication through Siri, the immediacy and urgency of communication through iMessage and Facetime, fulfills basic needs through apps like the weather and notes, and has a fun customizable design. There is room for more personalization of your smartphone and it is a laptop, a camera, and a phone all in one. The user interface is streamlined, easy to use, quick, and clean. More than anything it is familiar and intuitive.


As a Gen Y I have grown up with familiarity of Apple. I understand how to use their products and even if a device is new I still understand the basics of the operating system. I was Apple born and Apple bred. Generation Y and now the growing Generation Z have grown up with this familiarity for Apple products. I grew up with a Mac desktop computer and children are being given ipods for music and even little kids are given ipads to play games and keep them entertained during long car rides. Blackberry still has a big business following, but the trend is towards Apple products.



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