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It is estimated that a million new smart phones are registered each day in the world. Many smart phone owners are using their mobile phone to search the Internet and to find products and businesses. Eventually the use of smart phones will replace traditional mobile phones. Savvy businesses are targeting the users of these smart phones to attract new clients. Most people assume that mobile Apps are created for restaurants, doctors and health spas. The legal industry is starting to respond to the increase of mobile Apps. Attorneys are using Apps as a way to make their legal practice standout from the crowd.

Mobile phone usage is pervasive in our society. Any business that fails to take advantage of this new technology risks being left behind by your competition. Smart phones are fast becoming one of the dominant ways users consume content and make purchases and services. If you want to take advantage of this meteorically growth in smart phones then your legal business needs to have its own custom App. Ammobia’s award winning team of application developers can work with lawyers to create a custom App that will enhance any legal office.

Attorneys and Technology are a Perfect Pairing

Most searches on the internet are for local information. Consumers are searching for restaurant or health spa that is located near them. Most of these searches are for goods and services that they consumer needs at that moment. If you were in a car accident then you want to be able to immediately search for a criminal lawyer or personal injury attorney. The best way to reach these consumers is through your own custom app.

Custom Apps can be used by any attorney regardless of their area of legal specialization. A person invents the next great widget and they want to find a patent lawyer. A person can be accused of a crime and needs to find a criminal attorney. A person may want to sue someone for breach of services and they would need a lawyer that specializes in litigation. Regardless of the area of the legal code you specialize in you need a custom App so that potential clients can find you.

Ammobia Custom Application Development

Ammobia has a team of highly skilled application developers. Our application developers are skilled at creating custom Apps for the iPhone, Droid, BlackBerry and Windows mobile platforms. Ammobia can create custom Apps that work across a wide range of different mobile smart phone platforms. Our team of experts can work with the lawyers in your office to understand your business and your target market. Ammobia will gather all your requirements for what your attorneys want to present in your custom legal App. Once we have gathered all the necessary information we can start creating your own custom legal App.

Most apps will provide information about the products and services offered by the attorneys in your office. Ammobia can customize the App to provide information about each attorney employed by the legal firm. The custom App can provide details about your office location and hours. The custom App can provide a method for clients to contact your office immediately via phone and/or email. The custom App can provide directions to the office.

Ammobia is a leading smart phone application development company. We work with legal firms of all sizes and that operate in many different legal niches. Our team understands the potential value of tapping into the growing smart phone market. If you want to tap into this growing market yourself, contact our team of custom application developers at Ammobia.