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Los Angeles, CAAmmobia, downtown Los Angeles based leader in mobile app development technology joins LA Tech Happy Hour (LATHH) for their event in the heart of bustling downtown Los Angeles. LATHH community seeks to provide young tech professionals, companies, and “techie nerds” with an avenue to network and collaborate.

“Imagine if there was a place, where at one table an entrepreneur meets her next $100,000 investor. A designer meets a new client, a web developer with a great internet startup. A PHP engineer meets a charismatic founder that excites him with his vision, so much so that he can picture leaving his day job for the exhilarating experience of working tirelessly for technology stock options that could be worth millions one day. We’re building this community.” LATHH

LATHH facilitates their members to, “Talk Tech, Startups & Drink Beer”  and has become a popular meet up for new and veteran techies in the Los Angeles area. LATHH boasts 2,660 techies and holds events every several weeks in different parts of Los Angeles. Although LATHH generally holds events on the West side of Los Angeles with venues such at 3110 in Santa Monica, LATHH brought the event to the newest trending work space: downtown Los Angeles (DTLA). With the creation of new public parks and works, and the budding of many new coffee shops, art galleries, bars, and restaurants, downtown Los Angeles has become a popular hub for the latest leaders in technology and innovative startups. Venice and Santa Monica are no longer the only home for trendy techies. Ammobia, located in the chic and modern Watermarke Tower is one of the top leaders in the entreprenuerial spirit and progress downtown, and specifically in mobile technology and development.

Ammobia attended another wonderful, full house event held by the LATHH this past Wednesday evening at Bottle Rock, located between tower loft apartments and startup offices downtown. This event, in an intimate setting focused on individual networking, featured a business card pot and raffle, and encouraged many LA techies from the areas of Echo Park, Silver Lake, and downtown to mix and mingle. The uniqueness of this event was the downtown location and prime setting at Bottle Rock to foster meeting new people, talking business, and having a glass of wine mid-week. LATHH boasts lively, packed to the brim events where founders and CEOs, innovators, tech professionals, and investors can network while in a fun-filled social setting. Ammobia was present at the past LATHH event located at 3110 in late September. This event featured speakers from Indiegogo and eHarmony, a feedback panel, and a pass-it-forward theme, encouraging companies to offer promotional services. Look for Ammobia at the next exclusive LATHH happening at 3110 October 17th! Join Ammobia to talk tech, start-ups, and meet our team in an intimate, and social environment. See LATHH for details on how to get involved, talk tech, and meet founders and teams from tech leaders like Ammobia from the greater Los Angeles area!




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